We Pair Algorithms with Imagination to buy the Right Media

The main difference

Programatic buying is to advertising what Expedia is to hotel booking. Instead of high rates and inefficient process, Grapeseed Media makes decisions based on data, and purchases ad space in real-time using human strategy and computer software.

Traditional Buying

Bulk-buying audiences based on proxy is a thing of the past.

traditional buying

Using traditional media buying practices, there is no guarantee that only the desired targets will be reached. The advertiser is responsible for indexing buying options with fixed pricing across users.

Programatic (Grapeseed) Buying

Buy only the media that matters

programatic buying

Grapeseed uses data to bid on audiences at auction, in real time, in order to drive awareness and sales while cutting waste. Using this method, users are priced variably and we, as the advertiser, have ample control over what type of user sees which ad, where and when.

Real-time Bidding

Real-time bidding (RTB) is an auction model for buying video and display media, whereby advertisers bid on an impression basis and pay only what each user is worth to them – but at a massive scale. This means better performance for advertisers, more sales for publishers, and more relevant ads for consumers.

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    User visits a web page

    A user’s visit to a publisher’s web page or app triggers a bid request for a specific ad placement

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    An impression is announced

    The user’s unique, non-personally identifying information (PII), such as IP address, device type, demographics, location, browser and so on, is announced

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    The Impression opportunity is evaluated and the bid decision is made

    Via a Demand Side Platform (DSP), advertisers gain access to the user’s non-PII to decide on the value of the user and place an appropriate bid amount

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    An auction occurs

    Sealed bids are placed in an auction format

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    The winning ad is served

    The highest bidder wins the auction. Ad is placed within the specific placement on the publisher’s web page or app