Project Goal

  • Drive purchases and revenue
  • Achieve a CPA of $40 or lower


  • Execute dynamic retargeting through relevant messaging based on users’ browsing history and products viewed
  • Leverage private audience segments engineered from browsing and search engine behavior. For example, audiences are generated from users who visited competing websites and/or searched for home lighting tips on Google
  • Cultivate new customers through the placement of ads adjacent to contextually relevant content (e.g. decorating tips, home design blogs, etc.)


  • 25.61$

    Cost-Per Acquisition

  • 316%

    Return On Ad Spend

  • ¢25

    Cost Per Page Visit

Our team has consistently driven CPA-focused results for various online advertisers of all sizes. We pride ourselves on our “human-touch” philosophy; we don’t rely solely on machine learning and, instead, mine actionable insights from all available data points. Instead of relying on the algorithm, Grapeseed invests in people, because our industry-leading team will always be better than the best technology

Cost Per Acquisition