Programmatic advertising is a vast, ever-changing of the digital advertising industry, and although the Grapeseed Media team lives and breathes all things programmatic, we know that some aspects of it can be complex and require a certain amount of background knowledge to fully comprehend. 

To help you deepen your understanding of programmatic advertising, we’ve created Grape Bot — an AI chatbot that specializes in demystifying the world of programmatic advertising. Think ChatGPT but for digital ads. 

Grape Bot can provide short summaries of complex adtech issues or lead you to longer articles that explain them in greater depth. You can ask it what the benefits of programmatic are, whether it’s suitable for your business, or any other query you may have.

Like most AI chatbots, Grape Bot is still learning, and its answers will become more sophisticated as we continue to develop it. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, you can ask Grape Bot follow-up questions or start a new conversation about a different topic. 

Let’s walk through Grape Bot’s features and how to use them so you get the most out of your experience.

Grape Bot: Advanced Programmatic Adtech Knowledge Made Easy

Grape Bot provides instant access to Grapeseed Media’s extensive library, which includes over 30 articles on advanced programmatic adtech — from in-depth industry insights to expert recommendations. 

Take a look at its main features:

Simple, Easy-to-Understand Language

Grape Bot can break down the most complex aspects of programmatic tech in ways even a five-year-old would understand, using metaphors and other rhetorical devices to draw relatable parallels and make these concepts accessible.

Reference Links for Further Reading

Grape Bot’s responses include reference links to additional blog content where you can learn more.

Follow-Up Questions

You can ask Grape Bot more questions about what you want to know, get clarification on a previous question, or gain knowledge about a related topic.

Why Use Grape Bot?

Save Time

Grape Bot can quickly and easily give you answers to your programmatic advertising questions without having to scour through multiple articles or websites.

Access Expert Knowledge

Grape Bot draws its knowledge from Grapeseed’s library of articles written by industry experts, providing high-quality information and insights.

Customize Your Learning Experience

With Grape Bot’s follow-up questions, you can delve deeper into topics that interest you, making it a personalized and interactive learning experience.

Tips for Using Grape Bot

Use these tips to get the most out of your Grape Bot experience. 

Learn Industry Jargon

Programmatic jargon can sound like a foreign language at first — use Grape Bot to break down the difference between a DSP and a DMP, pDOOH and DOOH, or any other technical term you may come across. 

You can also use Grape Bot as a companion to our blog posts to gain more in-depth knowledge of programmatic advertising.

Send Us Your Feedback

Grape Bot is in its early stages, and we want to know how to make it better for you! Let us know how you’re using it or if there’s anything we haven’t thought of so we can improve your Grape Bot experience.

Plus, we all know that AI chatbots are prone to hallucinations, so let us know if something doesn’t seem right. When in doubt — check in with a human!

Have Fun!

Grape Bot is meant to be a fun tool, so play with it! Now, you can use Grape Bot by just clicking on the grapeseed logo inside the small circular button on the bottom right corner of this page, and any other page on this website.

In the meantime, we’ll be thinking about ways to take Grape Bot to the next level.

For example, in the future, Grape Bot will be able to offer more advanced advice — like how to set up a programmatic ad campaign that fits your budget and achieves your goals or what media mix you should use and why. 

We also plan to develop a special version of Grape Bot so our clients will be able to dig into their campaign data and get answers about campaign performance. 

This future version of Grape Bot will be a great compliment to our already robust Data Visualization reporting dashboard powered by DOMO.

Stay tuned for more Grape Bot news!

Talk to the Experts Behind Grape Bot

AI has made it easier to learn about any new niche or industry. However, it takes a team of industry experts to create an AI product that truly understands how to address industry-specific queries and topics. 

Grapeseed Media’s team of programmatic experts are the brains behind Grape Bot — and they’re available to answer all your most burning adtech questions. 

Book a no-obligation chat to learn more — no question is too big or too small.