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Programmatic advertising uses software to place digital ad buying as opposed to manually buying ads via individual placements. Publishers list their inventory on what’s called a supply-side platform, while advertisers buy media through a demand-side platform. Combined, these are called an ad exchange, which allows the buying and selling of ad placements with the help of automation. The end result is a more efficient process that saves money and generates superior results.

There are virtually endless targeting options available within programmatic advertising. From demographic to psychographic to behavioral targeting, advertisers can access ultra-specific audiences or widen their reach depending on their goals. This includes cross-device targeting and retargeting.

Real-time bidding (RTB) is an auction system that allows advertisers to buy ad impressions the moment they become available. When a user is about to load a page that falls within your targeting parameters, different advertisers bid on that ad impression—the process happens in milliseconds. The advertiser with the larger bid will ‘win’ the auction and have their ad displayed. The best part is that they only pay one cent more than the next bid.

First party data, often called seed-level data, is information about specific (yet non-identifiable) users. Advertisers generate first-party data by installing tracking pixels on websites and apps that record user behavior anonymously. Third party data is data acquired from reputable sources such as publishers, websites, credit agencies, and other sources that can be layered onto a campaign to supplement targeting.

Absolutely. It’s common practice to create white and black lists to ensure specific sites are prioritized or blocked accordingly.

We use leading verification technology to block bots, fraud, cookie-bombing and other sources of unwanted inventory. However, we don’t exclusively rely on technology to ensure brand safety. Each campaign is manually audited by a human campaign manager to ensure we meet or exceed viewability, delivery and quality standards.

Simply put—to improve your results. Our industry knowledge and experience provides insight into what types of ad creatives will perform well in certain placements. Our in-house design team can craft a custom suite of engaging display ads from your existing brand guidelines and assets. However, if you prefer working with your own designer, we are happy to collaborate with your design team to make sure your design assets are perfectly sized to fit placements across all compatible sizes.

No. At Grapeseed, we believe in delivering strong ROI on every campaign we build, and every client defines success differently. As a group of creative problem solvers, we champion each client’s unique business goals and run campaigns of all sizes and scales. For a custom recommendation, send us an email at hello@grapeseedmedia.com.

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