Programmatic that lets you play with the giants.

Grapeseed Media plans, deploys, and manages advanced programmatic technologies for agencies and their brands. As the universe of programmatic potential continues to expand, we help you navigate and understand it, encouraging you to go further.

A Tasting of Our Fruitful Partnerships

People. Not Robots

We invest in industry-leading people who ceaselessly optimize outside the algorithm.

Media Quality

Our unparalleled viewability and brand safety standards ensure our clients are visible where it counts.

Design Studio

We format and enhance your branded art and copy to captivate your target audience – free of charge.

Our Clients are a Happy Bunch!

"Grapeseed worked alongside the team to understand our goals and objectives and design an agile, scalable model to help meet those needs. As a trusted partner, they used one-on-one sessions to help raise our collective awareness of the media opportunities and worked with a sense of urgency and responsibility to execute. In addition to cross-exchange Display and In-stream video, we launched Connected TV and Native media programs with Grapeseed, setting us apart from our competition. Overall, we saw marked increases in our customer response to Beer Camp promotional activity as a result of Grapeseed’s programmatic efforts."

Communications Manager

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

"It has been such a pleasure working with Grapeseed. They have been an excellent and responsive partner. Jon and the whole team at Grapeseed have done a great deal of work to help us expand our reach and meet our business goals. The improved month-to-month results are an indication of their attention to detail, creativity, and dedication. I cannot recommend them more highly!"

Director of Marketing & Communications

Park Hyatt Washington, D.C.

"Grapeseed has served as BIG’s digital media department for more than three years. In addition to the team’s incredible responsiveness, Grapeseed continually delivers effective campaign solutions for our retail clients who rely on both top- and bottom-of-the-funnel metrics to measure campaign performance. They were particularly nimble at the onset of Covid-19, supporting our overnight pivot from in-store traffic to online transactions…and back again! Grapeseed’s programmatic acumen has enabled our clients to reach potential new customers and increase conversions through the entire customer acquisition journey."

Chief Imagination Officer

Colette Brooks

"As a scaled global media agency, we rigorously evaluate best-of-breed players in Ad Tech, and on behalf of our clients, choose to partner with a select handful whom exceed our extensive criteria set and standards of excellence. We could not say more about our robust partnership with Grapeseed Media. Grapeseed consistently outperforms on all the key campaign metrics by considerably wide margins. As notably, we love collaborating with the Grapeseed team! This brilliant, friendly, nimble, and most of all, fun team was like an extension of our own and a joy to work with."

Director of Programmatic Media


"Working with the team at Grapeseed was like working with an extended part of my family. We are a niche publisher, and by leveraging Grapeseed’s technology and expertise, we increased our business dramatically. The Grapeseed Media team provided us with outstanding service and assisted in creating our go-to-market strategy. Without them, we would have missed out on millions of dollars of ad revenue."

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