Digital Video

Digital video is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ medium for advertisers—it’s a vital component of any successful media plan. Over 85% of internet users in the U.S. watch online videos each month and are expected to watch 100 minutes daily on average by the end of 2022 (Statista). 

Consumers view all types of video content with incredible regularly—from entertainment to education and business—and innovative brands are taking advantage of digital video placements to advertise their products and services. 

What is Digital Video?

It’s inefficient for advertisers to buy video placements on a one-off basis—instead, smart media buyers purchase inventory on a network (or networks) through a system called programmatic video advertising. In this way, video placements can be bought and sold in dozens, if not hundreds, of areas automatically via real-time auctions. This programmatic system ensures that there is less expense for advertisers and more relevance for ad viewers. 

With more screens being viewed by more diverse audiences than ever before, programmatic digital video has become a necessity to meet consumer demand—it’s just not possible to place video ads manually anymore. Instead, we use demand-side platforms (DSPs) to aggregate inventory from publisher networks so video content can be targeted toward narrow or broad audiences depending on your campaign’s goals. 

If you have compelling video content, it’s time to connect it to your target audience via a digital video campaign.

Why Include Digital Video in your Media Plan?


Our programmatic ad campaigns are driven by algorithms and overseen by programmatic ad specialists. This gives advertisers the best of both worlds (human and AI) and means campaigns are optimized for ROI in real-time.


From desktop to mobile, Facebook to YouTube, virtually no screen is unreachable with programmatic digital video. And the best part is that you can test thousands of combinations of channels all from one platform. 


At Grapeseed, we’ll work with you to create ideal buyer profiles to target with impactful digital video ads. This allows us to reach hyper-specific audiences that are in-market for your product or services.

Digital Video Targeting Options

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Dynamic Retargeting

Retarget past website visitors and customers with relevant video ads and segment based on the likelihood of conversion.

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Player Event Retargeting

Different video ads can be served based on a consumer’s previous player interactions. This allows for sequential messaging of increasing depth as target audiences finish videos and move further down funnel.

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Amazon Prime & Shopping Data

Via our partnership with Amazon, we can target audiences with ads based on their shopping and viewing history.

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In-Market Audiences

Via our partnership with Google, advertisers can place video ads in front of customers actively seeking their products and services.

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Serve ads around video content that has a relevant contextual link to your products and services. E.g. luxury holidays on an influencer’s travel vlog, or beauty products in a makeup tutorial.

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Brand Conquesting

Place ads adjacent and within video content that relates to competitor services and products.