Social Extension Everywhere (SEE) Display Ads 

Unlock the full value of your social media by transforming your social media posts into programmatic display ads. Combining the targeting and tracking capabilities of programmatic with the engagement of social media.

Social Extension ads consistently deliver increased CTR when compared to traditional banner ads. Additionally, brand studies have shown a 5X improvement in brand lift and consideration.

What is Social Extension Everywhere (SEE)? 

Social Extension Everywhere, or SEE Ads, are authentic recreations of social media posts configured to deliver in traditional display banner placements, supporting your programmatic campaign goals. Social Extension ads combine this unmatched content and engagement with the efficiencies, scale and data available through programmatic.

Why Include SEE Display Ads in your Media Plan


Social proof stats, such as likes, comments, and views, update in real time, giving instant feedback and unlocking powerful social validation.


Showcase social media ads “in the wild” from networks such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Boosts engagement

Brands see audience engagement increase at a higher rate than traditional banner ads.


Combat banner blindness with familiar experiences from leading social platforms.

Social Extension Display Ads Targeting Options

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Dynamic Retargeting

Deliver customized display ads in front of past website traffic and cart abandoners tailored to their browsing history.

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App Ownership Personas

Pre-qualify users as part of a target audience based on the combination of social and lifestyle apps they own and use.

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Mobile Footprinting

Retrieve and leverage mobile location data to deliver localized display ads based on historical or real-time location.

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In-Market Audiences

Target audiences engineered from their search and browsing history via our partnerships with Google and Amazon.