Programmatic Digital Out Of Home

Add situational context to your messaging with programmatic digital out-of-home advertising. The nature of pDOOH allows you to connect with your audience in the ‘real world’ based on their location, state of mind, and circumstance. All consumer actions start with an idea, and pDOOH is a great way to introduce those ideas to your audience at scale with truly unique delivery. Occasionally, the medium is the message.

What is Programmatic Digital Out Of Home?

Programmatic digital out-of-home, or pDOOH for short, is a system for buying and selling ad space on digital screens and billboards. Ever been to Times Square? That’s pDOOH in action! 

Everyone understands the concept of a billboard, but pDOOH takes it further in two key ways: increased inventory options and real-time bidding auctions. 

So not only can you extend your message beyond the roadside billboard into shopping malls, airports, bars, gyms, hotels (and much, much more), you can also deliver that message with surgical precision in terms of targeting and creative. 

And yes—we can get your brand into Times Square if you’d like.

Why Include Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home in your Media Plan?


pDOOH signage provides large digital canvases perfect for bringing your ‘big idea’ to life. You can also factor in the context of your audience’s surroundings for added impact. 


Apart from blinking, your audience can’t turn off your message. This creates a rare opportunity for practically 100% visibility campaigns. 

Fast and flexible

The ‘programmatic’ portion of pDOOH allows you to tailor messages to location, time of day, and even weather automatically without repeated direct buys.

Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home Targeting Options

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Use the physical location of your audience to deliver a message that suits the context of their situation (transit, bar, gyms, hotels, airport, etc.)

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Data Triggers

Take advantage of the time of day, the weather, news events, and more to add relevance to your ads. 

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Multiple Publishers

pDOOH allows advertisers to plan and buy large-scale campaigns across a variety of networks quickly and easily. 

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Mobile Tagging

Depending on their proximity to the OOH ad, tag the mobile phones of your audience and serve them ads for reinforcement in the future. 

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Visual Sensors

Some placements offer sensors that can detect engagement, dwell time, and other signals we can use to enhance your campaigns. 

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Live Audience Information

Jump on trending local and national news stories to deliver messages that are highly relevant to your target audience on any given day.