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How Grapeseed Media Decreased Cost Per Acquisition by 72% for Cancer Treatment Centers of America

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Since 1988, Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) has been helping patients win the fight against cancer using advanced technology and a personalized approach.

Project Goal

  • Drive post-click online chats for patient acquisition
  • Adhere to strict brand safety, health, and contextual guidelines


  • Deploy Grapeseed Media’s formula for environment, device, media type, data source, manual optimization, and viewability
  • Segment retargeting and similar audiences using pixel recency and global frequency optimization
  • Leverage targeted keyword lists in order to place ads adjacent to female health content and forums
  • Negotiate contextually relevant and premium private marketplace (PMP) deals
  • Activate dynamic event-based geo-targeting for cancer events such as sponsored walks or runs


  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter


  • 313% higher post-click chat conversions
  • 72% lower CPA than a competing campaign by a leading marketing technology company
  • Conversion results were generated from 48% fewer impressions
  • CTRs were 2 times higher than those of competitors


Cost Per Acquisition


Post-Click Chat Conversion


Click-Through Rate

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