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How Grapeseed Media Generated $1,647,787 of Revenue for Grand Hyatt New York


Grapeseed Media took over the Grand Hyatt New York account in October 2016 in an effort to centralize all digital media buying with actual media buying experts while increasing overall hotel revenue and return on ad spend. 

We achieved the metrics below through our evaluation of new trends/opportunities combined with actively running and optimizing campaigns ourselves, not simply adding a mark-up to third parties.

Project Goal

  • Increase overall hotel revenue and return on ad spend
  • Increase direct bookings and average daily rate, reducing the hotel’s need to rely on online travel agencies like


  • Show messages to users who are currently and actively searching for and engaging with Google search results
  • Target users based on their travel patterns to New York using data from organizations such as Hertz and American Airlines
  • Target high-funnel audiences in the trip planning phase of their customer journey with paced reminders during this crucial period of impression


  • Display
  • Google
  • Facebook


  • $1,647,787 in total revenue during nine months with Grapeseed, compared to $614,902 in total revenue during nine months with a previous agency
  • 1,017% return on ad spend compared to 380% return on ad spend with the previous agency
  • 3,205 Facebook page likes, representing 56% of total page likes generated during the 9-month period
  • $275 average daily rate — $12 higher than the overall average
  • 2.5x more room nights generated via (5,999 vs 2,379 with the previous agency)


Return On Ad Spend


Increase In Bookings


Average Daily Rate

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