How Grapeseed Media Helped Lower Cost Per Acquisition and Achieve a 316% ROAS


Established in 2002, the team behind has been working to become the premier destination for lighting online. Originally called LampLust, the founders had a simple goal that remains with the team today: beautiful, high-quality lighting products at a great value. 

The brand has developed a reputation for amazing customer service and lasting relationships with its vendors, which translates into a better shopping experience and value for its customers.

Project Goal

  • Drive purchases and revenue
  • Achieve a CPA of $40 or lower


  • Execute dynamic retargeting through relevant messaging based on users’ browsing history and products viewed
  • Leverage private audience segments engineered from browsing and search engine behavior. For example, audiences were generated from users who visited competing websites and/or searched for home lighting tips on Google
  • Cultivate new customers through the placement of ads adjacent to contextually relevant content (e.g. decorating tips, home design blogs, etc.)


  • Display
  • Native


  • Cost-per-acquisition lowered to $25.61 vs. client goal of $40
  • 316% return on ad spend
  • 25¢ cost-per-page visit, 4× the industry benchmark
  • 179 newsletter sign-ups


Cost Per Acquisition


Return On Ad Spend


Newsletter Sign-Ups

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