Oscar de la Renta

How Grapeseed Media Helped Oscar de la Renta Achieve a 1,712% Return on Ad Spend


Founded in 1965, the Oscar de la Renta brand quickly became synonymous with casual luxury. The first storefront in New York opened in 2004, and the company expanded its international locations in 2008.

Oscar de la Renta has been worn on many a red carpet by celebrities, global leaders, and first ladies and continues to expand its societal reach.

Oscar de la Renta was searching for a partner to boost their retargeting efforts beyond simply serving ads to all site visitors. Therefore, they selected Grapeseed Media in order to leverage dynamic, creative audience segmentation and optimal frequency, all while maintaining a presence on premium publishers.

Project Goal

  • Increase traffic to oscardelarenta.com and boost customer acquisition by attracting untapped audiences to the fashion brand
  • Drive on-site product sales from unique and returning visitors
  • Bolster national brand awareness through premium display and social advertisements
  • Produce portable insights for the brand’s overall marketing program


  • Show ads to users who have demonstrated a strong interest in high-end fashion, luxury CPGs, brand names, five-star travel, and luxury vehicles. Leverage audience data from various sources including Mastercard, Amazon and Google
  • Target exclusively women ages 28 – 45 with a household income of over $250k, privileging visibility on high-end publishers such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, Wall Street Journal and the New York Times
  • Execute dynamic retargeting through relevant messaging based on users’ browsing history and products viewed


  • Display
  • Search
  • Facebook
  • Twitter


  • 1,712% return on ad spend
  • 36% increase in website traffic
  • 11% increase in branded search terms


Return On Ad Spend


Increase In Website Traffic


Increase In Branded Search Terms

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