MCC Theater

How Grapeseed Media Helped MCC Theater Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs to $7.43


Founded in 1986 by directors Bob LuPone, Bernie Telsey, and Will Cantler, MCC Theater was developed to redefine the NYC theatre scene. Today, the Robert W. Wilson Theater Space is a creative hotbed for artists, staff, and students.

MCC Theater’s mission is to use theatre to provoke conversations that have never happened and otherwise never would.

MCC chose to leverage Grapeseed Media’s unique and proven theatre targeting strategies because of their stellar reputation and experience in the performing arts space.

Project Goal

  • Drive ticket sales for The Legend of Georgia McBride
  • Achieve a $20 CPA or lower


  • Deploy Grapeseed Media’s formula for environment, device, media type, data source, manual optimization, and viewability.
  • Segment retargeting and similar audiences using pixel recency and global frequency optimization.
  • Leverage Grapeseed’s custom Theater Enthusiast audience targeting to show direct-response ads to verified theatre-goers and theatre ticket purchasers.


  • Display
  • Facebook


  • $7.43 cost per acquisition
  • $0.19 cost per landing page visit
  • .15% click-through rate


Cost Per Acquisition


Cost Per Landing Page View


Click-Through Rate