Surterra Wellness

How Grapeseed Media Attracted High-Quality, Low-Cost Leads for Surterra Wellness


Surterra Wellness is a leading, global cannabis company that pioneers human well-being and improves peoples’ quality of life through the benefits of cannabinoids.

They hired Grapeseed Media to execute a targeted HTML5 Display campaign across desktop, mobile and tablet environments to drive pre-qualified traffic to the Surterra Wellness website, where users can: 

1) Obtain information on medical marijuana licensing 

2) Submit lead forms to become a customer

3) Existing license holders can register with Surterra Wellness

4) Contact Surterra Wellness directly via phone or email

Project Goal

  • Drive post-click online chats for patient acquisition
  • Adhere to strict brand safety, health, and contextual guidelines


  • Pre-Approved Premium Lifestyle Publishers – Using 10 banner sizes, reach audiences across thousands of pre-approved digital publications on music, yoga, sports, cannabis, and other modern lifestyles. Position creative as relevant and buzzworthy by placing ads on premium trending and contextual content such as, Travel & Leisure, AskMen,, Vulture, and more.
  • Enhanced Retargeting – Follow individuals who have previously browsed pages throughout their organic browsing experience to invite them to visit the page, engage with the educational resources, submit an inquiry, or shop.
  • Mobile Foot-Printing – Identify users who have visited a cannabis retailer in the past 18 months using seed-level data that certifies their phone has been at a certain store.
  • Pre-Approved Local News Publishers – Gain a majority share of voice throughout Florida local news. Serve Surterra creative statewide across a list of pre-approved premium Florida news outlets, heavily favoring placements served within 5-10 miles of a Surterra Wellness location.


  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter


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