Project Goal

  • Drive post-click online chats for patient acquisition.
  • Adhere to strict brand-safety, health, and contextual guidelines


  • Deploy Grapeseed Media’s formula for environment, device, media type, data source, manual optimization, and viewability
  • Segment retargeting and similar audiences using pixel recency and global frequency optimization
  • Leverage targeted keyword list in order to place ads adjacent to female health content, premium private marketplaces, forums, and cancer social networks. Dynamic event-based geo-targeting for cancer walk/runs was also activated.


Our team has consistently driven CPA-focused results for various online advertisers of all sizes. We pride ourselves on our “human-touch” philosophy; we don’t rely solely on machine-learning and, instead, mine actionable insights from all available data points. Instead of relying on the algorithm, Grapeseed invests in people, because our industry-leading team will always be better than the best technology.

  • 313%

    Post-Click Chat Conversions

  • 72%

    Lower CPA

  • 48%

    Fewer Impressions Served to Achieve Previous Agency's Results

CPA & Conversions