Project Goal

  • Drive ticket sales for The Legend of Georgia McBride
  • Achieve a $20 CPA or lower


  • Segment retargeting and similar audiences using pixel recency and global frequency optimization
  • Leverage Grapeseed’s custom Theater Enthusiast audience targeting to show direct-response ads to verified theater-goers and theater ticket purchasers


  • $7.43

    Cost Per Aquisition

  • $0.19

    Cost Per landing Page Visit

  • .15%

    Click-Through Rate

Our team has consistently driven CPA-focused results for various online advertisers of all sizes. We pride ourselves on our “human-touch” philosophy; we don’t rely solely on machine learning and, instead, mine actionable insights from all available data points. Instead of relying on the algorithm, Grapeseed invests in people, because our industry-leading team will always be better than the best technology