Despite widespread fears that artificial intelligence will steal our jobs, the most likely scenario is that AI tools will enhance our capabilities in every sector — and the programmatic advertising industry is no exception.

The benefits of AI in the digital advertising space are well-known: with AI algorithms and machine learning, programmatic ad experts are able to design and execute personalized ad campaigns at scale, optimize ad spend, and use predictive analytics to predict campaign success.

Other applications of AI marketing range from audience segmentation, ad targeting, and budgeting to detecting fraudulent ad clicks and impressions, which helps to protect advertisers from wasting their budgets on invalid traffic. 

Now, with the rise of generative AI platforms like ChatGPT, digital marketing professionals are finding new and creative ways to integrate AI into their workflows. This article will cover the five innovative programmatic ad providers that are offering AI-enhanced services to their clients. 

1. Grapeseed Media

Grapeseed Media strategizes, deploys, and manages advanced programmatic technologies for agencies and brands. The Grapeseed team specializes in increasing ROAS and engagement through digital ads.

Here are just a few of the ways Grapeseed works with AI tools to drive traffic and conversions for its clients:

  • Grapeseed operates on advanced platforms like The Trade Desk, which uses the programmatic AI Kokai to distribute deep learning algorithms across all aspects of the digital media buying process. AI currently allows us to automatically optimize for ad environment, ad format, browser, device type, fold placement, geography, operating system, private contract, site/app, and supply vendor.
  • Predictive Clearing is backed by Koa, The Trade Desk AI, which analyzes historical clearing prices and win rates across first-price auctions to select the optimal bid for each impression. Koa analyzes historical data around SSPs, publishers, sites, ad format, and potential spend against win rates. This ensures that you (the advertiser) continue to win bids, but at the lowest price needed to win.
  • Audience Predictor, backed by Koa, analyzes the campaign’s primary conversion pixel and, based on what is needed to help scale, models a number of custom lookalike audience segments consisting of net-new users who exhibit behaviors similar to those of users who have converted within the last seven days.
  • With Audience Excluder™, Koa uses lookalike model data to create and then continually update an audience of users to exclude, removing users from your targeting who are least likely to convert. This feature works well for conversion-based campaigns and for contextual strategies.
  • Grapeseed’s team of AI experts has created Grape Bot — an AI chatbot that provides instant access to Grapeseed Media’s extensive programmatic adtech library and answers questions to help deepen your understanding of programmatic advertising.
  • Grapeseed uses generative AI in ad creation for assistance with copywriting, using advanced prompting techniques to create copy that resonates with targeted audiences.
  • Grapeseed also harnesses AI for reporting on performance metrics and optimizing campaigns in real time. 

2. StackAdapt

StackAdapt uses AI targeting capabilities, optimization tools, and real-time reporting features to help businesses create, manage, and optimize online ad campaigns across various channels. StackAdapt powers its contextual targeting with Page Context AI. 

Unlike Grapeseed Media, StackAdapt is a self-serve platform, so you don’t get the same level of hands-on support. Additionally, StackAdapt cannot create customized reports at the campaign level.

3. Adroll

AdRoll helps small businesses and e-commerce brands manage display, social media, and email ad campaigns through managed services that use AI and machine learning for consumer data analysis and retargeting. 

While Adroll may be suitable for beginners, some users have complained about a lack of transparency and attribution issues that suggest there may be quality issues.

4. Good Apple

This full-service media agency offers strategy, media buying, execution, and performance measurement, using AI to target specific audiences and optimize media measurement. 

5. AdForm

Adform is a digital media advertising technology company with a proprietary AI called Odin that’s used to manage and optimize digital advertising campaigns. 

However, some users have complained that the interface is difficult to use and lacks certain features — for instance, the ability to sort inventory sources manually. 

AI Will Make Campaigns More Effective and Efficient

AI is helping programmatic advertising providers reach their target audiences at the right time, in the right place, and with the right message while ensuring effective budget spend and maximizing ROAS. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how AI can improve your strategy, planning, reporting, and optimization, get in touch with the Grapeseed Media team.

Or try chatting with Grape Bot by clicking on the button in the bottom right of your screen.