Project Goal

  • Increase overall hotel revenue and return on ad spend
  • Increase direct bookings and average daily rate, reducing the hotel’s need to rely on online travel agencies like


  • Show messages to users who are currently and actively searching for and engaging with Google search results
  • Target users based on their travel patterns to New York using from organizations such as Hertz and American Airlines
  • Target high-funnel audiences in the trip planning phase of their customer journey with paced reminders during this crucial period of impression


Our team has consistently driven Return-On-Ad-Spend (ROAS) and Cost-Per-Action (CPA) focused results for various online advertisers of all sizes. We pride ourselves on our “human touch” philosophy; we don’t rely solely on machine-learning and, instead, mine actionable insights from all available data points. Instead of relying on the algorithm, Grapeseed invests in people, because our industry-leading team will always be better than the best technology.

  • $12

    Higher Than Overall Average Daily Room Rate

  • 56%

    Page Likes

  • 2.5x

    Room Nights Generated

the grapeseed difference