Project Goal

  • Increase traffic to and boost customer acquisition by attracting untapped audiences to the
  • fashion brand
  • Drive on-site product sales from unique and returning visitors
  • Bolster national brand awareness through premium display and social advertisements
  • Produce portable insights for the brand’s overall marketing program


  • Show ads to users who have demonstrated a strong interest in high-end fashion, luxury CPGs, brand names, five star travel, luxury vehicles. Leverage audience data from various sources including MasterCard, Amazon and Google.
  • Target exclusively women ages 28 – 45 with household income of over $250k, privileging visibility on high-end publishers such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.
  • Execute dynamic retargeting through relevant messaging based on users’ browsing history and products viewed.


  • 1712%


*this top performing creative generated 15,574% return-on-ad-spend

Oscar de la Renta